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Here’s a pretty cool conceptual image for SC Farm Bureau’s photo contest. Don’t ask me how the cow manages to press the shutter release. ... Read More


It's been 2 long years since my favorite band, Dragonforce, has came out with any new music.  This week, however, they released a demo of their new ... Read More

Polar plunge 2014

There was a fun challenge that recently went around my group of friends on Facebook. Someone decided while we were enjoying the longest winter ever to ... Read More

Have a few things, but make them good things

A father teaches his son many things, and as a son I can say at no point is it easy for them. But I can’t imagine trying to teach your son through a ... Read More

A win for free speech

A couple months ago, I posted about the need for the Supreme Court to strike down aggregate contribution limits and I predicted they would(Click here ... Read More